The Lacuna Collection is a range of natural and statement accessories for the modern women. the designs have all been created to be effortless and to fill the blank space in any outfit. 

The accessories are handmade by Lindsey, the maker and creator behind the company One Mama More.  A Scottish Mum living in Perth who is inspired by travel to exotic places and has a passion for creating beautiful things.

The first range of beads were designed in silicone and natural wood specifically for Mums; washable, wearable and versatile. The collection has grown beyond this; TO STATEMENT EARRINGS, STACKABLE BRACELETS AND A SLIGHT OBSESSION WITH RAW BRASS. 

These are the accessories you need in your everyday life. To express that sense of style you may have misplaced. For the outfits that need that special something. For the days when you want to feel funky. For a trip to the beach. For lunch with friends.  When you just want to feel like a brighter you. They are minimal and monochrome. Bold and brassy. Textural and touchable. Natural and beautiful, just like you. 

'There is beauty in simplicity'

Lindsey @thelacunacollection